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Wednesday, May 6th 2015, 9:16am

maglie FALSE del napoli Oldest Roman military fort- airborne lasers uncover fort

The main fort is about 13 football fields, said Professor Tuniz, who splits his time between the #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] University of Wollongong's Centre for Archaeological Science and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, in Italy.
Despite its considerable size, it is impossible to see from the ground because it is now covered by a forest. Professor Tuniz and his team saw the structures on highly detailed maps made by remote-sensing lasers mounted to the bottom helicopters.

A map of the terrain @@@maglia juve in offerta shows the main San Rocco fort and the two smaller systems, Grociana Piccola and Montedoro. Photo: Supplied

@@@storia maglie juventus The technology, known as LiDAR, can map features from the air that may be indistinguishable on the ground. Dr Tuniz and his collaborators used LiDAR to find a small Roman fort two years ago.
The newly uncovered fort was probably constructed about 178BC, during the second Roman war against the Histri. At the time the area was run by the Roman Republic, which existed from about 500BC to 20BC, before the Roman Empire.
The sites were in use until the mid 1st century BC, but perhaps not continuously, @@@maglie lazio poco prezzo Professor Tuniz said.
It's the @@@maglia roma 2013 bimbo early days of Rome. The Roman Republic was trying @@@maglia 2014 galatasaray to defend itself so they build these big military forts, he said.
The fort probably housed thousands, possibly tens of @@@maglie milan in offerta thousands of soldiers and weapons. Many of these @@@maglia roma 2013 disney Roman forts were built around Europe, but this is @@@real madrid third shirt the only one that has been found in Italy.
Several modern European cities, such as Vienna and Strasbourg, were previously Roman military camps.
Once the structures were uncovered by LiDAR, archaeologists went to the area and found materials such as hobnails from military @@@maglie di calcio milano boots worn by Roman soldiers and pieces of amphora, containers often used for carrying wine.
From the shape of these materials you can understand the period @@@felpa allenamento lazio [it was made], Professor @@@maglie FALSE del napoli Tuniz said.
The team also use ground penetrating radar, also used for @@@maglie della sampdoria landmine detection, to study the structure beneath the surface of the ground.
The next step will be to start digging to find details about these Roman constructions, he said.
Details of the new discovery have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science journal. @@@

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